frequently asked questions

  • I forgot my password, I cannot restore the password in the business system.
    You need to check the contact number for relevance, then check the inbox and spam folder in the mail. If there is no code in the two specified places, then please contact the technical support service.
  • Is it possible to re-register an account or change an e-mail?
    Re-registration of an account means transfer from one person to another, through a change of data in the participant's personal account. Re-registration in our company costs 30$; the participant must have this amount on the account for its withdrawal. Accounts with a balance above $5000 (points) are not subject to re-registration or sale.
  • How long does it take to process withdrawal requests?
    Withdrawal requests are processed within 48 hours.
  • How can I find out information about the company's products?
    For information, you can contact a representative of the company in your region or read the information about our products yourself, you can also read it on the official website of the company http://www.marinehealth.asia/ on our YouTube channel you can watch videos of medical representatives of our company https://www.youtube.com/channel/UColOjoudFoG7gxZgzzFXtcw
  • I cannot enter the Business Academy. I am writing an incorrect username or password.
    To enter the Business Academy academy.marinehealth.asia/, use the same login and password that you use for the Business System. If your username and password are still not accepted, you need to change the password in the business system and try to enter the Academy with a new one.
  • Is it possible to change the account data, more precisely, the first name, last name and e-mail?
    If you find a grammatical error in your profile, then technical support can correct it, but in the event of a complete change of registration data, this operation is carried out through re-registration of the account, and this service costs 30$.
  • Referral link is not visible.
    - To create a referral link, please watch the tutorial video https://youtu.be/vmyXIfA07Fs?list=PLkb1VujT2ydyQTMphHW1oxeLK6H0OD8ah
  • How can I make an internal transfer from a deposit to a balance?
    Funds from the deposit are used only for purchases, transfers from the deposit to the main balance or to other participants are not provided.
  • Where can I find a price list for products?
    The prices for products can be found in the Business System in the "Products" section.
  • How to attach a photo in a personal account?
    In “My profile” section, there is a function "change photo" where you can change the main photo and add additional photos. Also, please watch the training video youtu.be/GR2E3PAVQmo.
  • I can't pass the modules. After the first two video lessons, the modules do not open, what should I do?
    You need to watch all the video lessons to open subsequent tasks.
  • The referral link does not work, what should I do?
    It is necessary to check the login, since the login should not contain dots and other symbols.
  • The phone number must be changed in the referral link. Whatsapp is on another number, how can I add a number?
    It is necessary to write to the technical support service from the registered number indicating the reason.
  • When passing the training, I disconnected after the 2nd point. Should I listen to these two points again for further training?
    No, there is a tab "Studied" in the left column, the videos that you have already passed will be marked in green.
  • For what reason, when registering products, the system writes a service fee of 30$?
    You need to select "Head office" and select the office address in your city from the list. Delivery of 30$ is only for remote cities and countries where there are no company offices.
  • How can I transfer a referral person from the right side to the left?
    If you have already approved a person in a binary tree, then it is no longer possible to transfer since bonuses to higher leaders have already been awarded.
  • After passing the Academy of Business, can I get a diploma?
    If you have completed the training, the diploma will appear in the "Academy of Business" on the main page.
  • Why are dietary supplements almost three times more expensive than on the Russian market? They are the same products from the same manufacturer.
    There is a very large number of counterfeit products on the territory of Russia. Our company has exclusive rights in the territories in which it operates. Also, our company pays all taxes on the import of goods and on sale which is not done by unscrupulous entrepreneurs, about whom you write. We believe that long-term business can be done only within the framework of the law. You can always be sure that the goods that you receive from us will be original and legally imported into the country with the appropriate certification.
  • Is there a withdrawal limit?
    Our system has a minimum withdrawal amount, it is at least 100$. Also, there is a limitation on sending transfers, it is 20$.
  • Is it possible to exchange the Diploma for a new design? How to do it?
    Unfortunately, this possibility is not provided.
  • How do I log in and watch video lessons?
    Marine Health Group Business Academy An innovative online MLM entrepreneurship training platform. Login with the username and password that you use for the business system. Portal link: http://academy.marinehealth.asia/
  • Which payment card is better to choose when placing an order?
    The main thing is that the card supports Visa or Mastercard, as well as payment on the Internet, so we advise you to contact the bank where you are served or plan to open the card on this issue.
  • It is impossible to edit the profile, what should I do?
    The company profile is filled in according to your registration data and cannot be changed. If you have a typo in your full name or e-mail, you need to write to the company's technical support.
  • Why is it written in the referral link that the company has been operating for four years?
    United Business Group holding has been operating since 2015, this holding includes Marine Health Group.
  • From what stage of income will the income tax be withheld? What type of individual enterprise do we open when we receive income? Can you specify the individual enterprise coding?
    Each partner bears the tax burden independently, this is specified in the contract. Depending on the country of residence, the rules are different, for example, in Kazakhstan, we recommend opening an individual enterprise and declaring your income over 1000$. As the activity code, you need to specify "Retail trade in non-specialized stores".
  • Why is the commission high for the "upgrade" 37,500 tenge 320 rubles?
    The commission is set not by our company, but by the bank through which the transaction passes.
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