The standard for the awarding of an autobonus


The standard for the awarding of an autobonus:

1. Only “TOYOTA” and “LEXUS” cars are allowed to be presented;

2. The car must be of executive class and not older than five years. The make of the car must be agreed with the co-founders of the company;

3. An interview with the recipient of the car and congratulations from the co-founders will be recorded one hour in advance of the award;

4. Decoration stylistics of a car presentation place should correspond to the corporate color;

5. Girls in national costumes give keys from the car in specially prepared branded box to the co-founder of the company and the co-founder hands over the keys to the partner who receives the autobonis;

4. The event must be filmed by: one photographer, one cameraman, one mobile photographer. The delivery of the material should be carried out within 1 to 3 days;

5. Sound equipment: speakers, microphone, remote control, DJ;

6. Entertainment programme with animators during the gathering of guests;

7. The car MUST be branded with new logo. Branding standard available from technical support;

8. The car must be covered with special company cover prior to the event.

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